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National Youth Recorder Orchestras of Great Britain


Auditions for the 2020 Summer Course are held at our Recorder Days around the country and at the Easter Course. In addition there will be a day of late audtions in Birmingham in June 2020. The audition fee is £35, which also covers the cost of your Recorder Day, if that is where you are auditioning.

To audition at an eligible Recorder Day, simply tick the required box on the Recorder Day application form. To audition at Rugby (if you are not attending the Easter Course) or at one of our special audition days, please complete the form on the Summer Course page. 

Audition Requirements

The audition for NYRO or NYTRO is an opportunity for you to show what you can already do on the recorder and consists of the following sections which can be played in any sequence you wish:

Prepared Pieces

Please prepare two items, lasting not more than 5 minutes in total.  These can be chosen from unaccompanied or accompanied repertoire but there will be no accompaniment in the audition.

Test Pieces

The test pieces for NYRO or NYTRO will be sent to you, usually electronically and no earlier than four weeks before your audition date. For NYRO, play both pieces: the bass study is compulsory and a bass instrument can be provided for the audition if required. For NYTRO, you can choose any two of the three studies, so bass is not compulsory.


There will be some sight-reading of an appropriate standard; you can choose to play one of Soprano/Alto/Bass (for both ensembles) and also Tenor/Great Bass/Contrabass (for NYRO).

The audition will be informal and friendly. We know the effects that nerves can have on performance and we take this into account, so do aim for relaxation and enjoyment. We will provide written feedback with the audition results.

If you have any further questions about the auditions, please do not hesitate to contact

Entry to the Easter Course is by examination result and/or teacher assessment; no audition is required.