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National Youth Recorder Orchestras of Great Britain

Instruments Available for Loan

Each year, there are some instruments that are available on loan. Currently, some instruments are out with other recorder orchestras and some are required for our Recorder Days around the country.

The following instruments are available:


Kung Classica Model 3705 Great Bass
Kung Superio Model 2722 Great Bass
Paetzold   Contrabass
Paetzold   Contrabass


An annual contribution of £200 per instrument (£100 for SRP members and SRP affiliated orchestras) is payable to cover the cost of insurance and repair. 

Instruments must be returned no later than 14th July 2024 in preparation for the NYRO Summer Course or delivered to the course itself. Transport costs should be met by the user. They may also be required for the Easter Course in April 2024.

All instruments are insured by NYRO for the duration of the loan, including whilst in an unattended, locked car.

Users should notify the NYRO Office immediately if the instrument is damaged, lost or stolen.

If you wish to borrow one of these instruments or enquire about other instruments which may become available, please contact our administrator for further details.